My Process

Step 1: Before we even discuss financials or even goals, I want learn about you as a human. What are your core values? Tell me about your family? What hobbies do you have? 

Then, we not only understand your goals, but the why behind those goals. Why is one of the most important questions we can ask ourselves because it forces us to really delve deep into understanding the life we hope to live.

Step 2: Lets talk about your goals. This is where the fun begins and we can start to create the picture of the life of your dreams. Often times, we are so busy living life that we forget to ask ourselves these questions. 

Then, we can prioritize these according to how you want them.

Step 3: This step involves diving deep into where you currently are. Now that we have a clear picture of your ideal future, we need to determine the starting point.

What type of solutions or products do you already have? What is your cash flow situation? 

Step 4: Next, we will review our past conversations for reference and discuss what solutions can help with your specific goals. After discussing, we can make any necessary changes and move forward in the process.

I will help you create a physical document that outlines your goals and what action steps need to be taken to achieve those goals. Dont worry, I will help along the entire process to ensure your expectations are being met.

Step 5: Lastly, we review your situation periodically. It is very important to consider you the document we review to be a "living document". For this reason, we will review your document and the progress you have made on a periodic basis to ensure you are progressing adequetly.

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